BuddyWalk With Jesus

Two men discuss the relevancy and fullness of Scripture in a fresh and raw conversation that could easily be overheard in a coffee shop.


Engage with Scripture to learn God’s heart.

Most people never learn how to engage with Scripture in a way that breathes life into the soul of their being. BuddyWalk with Jesus presents examples of what that looks like. Sharing is community!

You have one job, keep the seed ALIVE.

-- Edgar, Christmastime Suicide
- Part 2


We are two ordinary and unimpressive guys who just love engaging Scripture until it changes us; first in our minds, and then, in our actions.

Engaging Scripture made simple.

With the Holy Spirit, the indwelling guide, the Scriptures open up to revelation, both on a personal-level and a world-view, through intimate reflection and deeper study.