22: The Authority of The Kingdom (The Matthew Series)

The Authority of The Kingdom (The Matthew Series)

This week we're finishing up Matthew chapter 16 and discussing some of the most important moments in this account of the life and ministry of Jesus. 

We're starting off by breaking down the divine revelation of Jesus as the Son of God given to Peter by God and beauty of the transformational work that God has and will be doing in Peter. 

We move onto discussing some of the points that tend to trip people up when discussing this portion of scripture. We define the divine responsibility that Peter and the disciples are being given in these moments and what that means for shaping the church. We also take time to define what Jesus is referring to when He gives the authority to “bind and loose” but we do so in the full context of the time, Jesus's words and purpose for doing so as well as dispel some really big misconceptions about this section of scripture. 

Next we follow Peter's reaction to Jesus beginning to explain his messianic mission and the things He will have to endure and experience. We watch as Peter has a very human reaction and we discuss the dangers of it means to set our minds on earthly things rather than the things of God. 

Lastly we break down Jesus's command to give up ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him, what that looks like and why it's so important to understand what He's getting at when He says that.  We close with the beautiful promise He gives. 

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