23: Who Is The Greatest?

This week we're working our way through Matthew Chapter 17. We're starting off with the miraculous event of Jesus's Transfiguration where He meets with Moses and Elijah. We dig into the significant of the fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the Law and Prophets as well as the reaction of the disciples that were present for it. We also get a chance to “see” a stunning display from God in response to Peter's statements to Jesus. 

Next we see an instance of Jesus's frustration to the unbelief of His followers when He is brought a demon possessed boy that the disciples couldn't help and dig into the implications of having faith the size of a mustard in hopes of clarifying what Jesus is getting at especially in light of His reminder about what is coming for Him. 

From there we get a reminder from Jesus not to cause unneeded controversy and how to conduct ourselves among the world. 

We end off with some sobering words from Jesus about sin, temptation and a reminder of what it means to be the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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