24: The Heartbeat of The Kingdom (Matthew Series)

The Heartbeat of The Kingdom (Matthew Series)

This week we're working our way through the rest of Matthew chapter 18.  In this chapter we're going to be covering a few different core concepts that are at the very heartbeat of God's Kingdom. 

We're starting off by covering the parable of the lost sheep as we discuss what we are called to do with someone who has strayed away. We further see the heart of God through Jesus displayed as we are given instruction of continued love even if the person doesn't engage well and what it means to be geared towards ultimately unity in the Spirit

Next we're discussing what to do with sin with the Kingdom community. How do we handle it? How do we engage with the individual? How important is it to forgive them? 

Forgiveness is something we are going to explore heavily in the final parts of today's episode because forgiveness and unity are at the very heart beat of the Kingdom. 

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