28: The Beginning of Jesus’ Last Week

This week we're beginning the final leg of our walk through Matthew by covering Matthew chapter 21. This is where we see a heightened amount of Old Testament history and teaching meeting where Jesus is and what Jesus is doing as centuries of backstory are coming to a climax at this point. 

We're covering the significance of Palm Sunday as well as “table flipping Jesus.” We discuss some of the poor uses of this section of scripture to justify very human actions and why we need to avoid trying to put ourselves in the shoes of Jesus and attempt to claim HIS righteous anger. 

We're then moving into the object lesson given to us through the fig tree and discussing the increase we see in statements such as “haven't you heard” or “didn't you read?” We cover what we can learn from Jesus's statement about a plant that had a purpose that it was not filling. 

Finally we wrap up with two stiff parables that Jesus uses with the religious leaders to drive home the point of why He was there and what He was doing. 

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