30: The Intersection of Law and Love

The Intersection of Law and Love

This week we're covering the rest of Matthew 22. In this episode we're going to discuss the question presented to Jesus by the Sadducees about the Resurrection. We're going to unpack what Jesus says as well as HOW and WHY He says what He says. 

This is where we are going to see Jesus present a response using specifically scripture that was acceptable to them to prove His point and to display the heart of God. 

We're then going to move onto the Pharisee's attempt to trip Jesus by asking about the Great Commandment. We're again going to unpack Jesus's response and why it's so important to understand what it means to love God and love other's and why it's at the very heartbeat of the Kingdom. 

Lastly, we're going to cover Jesus turning the tables on them and asking about what they know of the Messiah, displaying the age old issue of humans missing what's right in front of them. 

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