38: Heros and Villains

This week we're beginning Matthew chapter 27. In this week's episode we're discussing the aftermath of the “trail” of Jesus. We discuss we the realities of what happened with Judas and explain the idiosyncrasies of what this gospel account covers in comparison to other parts of the bible as well as a look into how the language that's used here helps to give a clearer picture of Judas's headspace after Jesus is condemned and “found guilty.”

From there we discuss the interact between Jesus and Pilate. We pull in some points from other gospel accounts to paint a full picture of what's happening here and we discuss why it's so incredibly vital to maintain the proper perspective on the people involved. 

The realities is all too often humans fall for the trap of reading themselves into a story as the hero and in the process deeming someone as the villain but in this section of scripture, there is a very clear picture painted that showcases why approaching Jesus's crucifixion in that manner devalues what Jesus actually did. 

Yes, there are people involved that make the wrong decision but the bible speaks directly to this being a matter of Jesus and the carnal desire rather than Jesus against a people group or individual.  

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