5: Persecution and The Light of Christ (Matthew Series)

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This week continuing our walk through Matthew and finishing up the Beatitudes by unpacking the realities of the persecution that Jesus talks about for His followers and the realities of how the world will receive us and the message we carry as Christians. Along the way we are plugging that into the full context of who Jesus is, His heart posture towards people and discuss how that should inform how we process persecution and our active involvement in the world. 

We then get to discuss the realities of the hope we have in Jesus and our reward in an unchanging, unfailing God in world that constantly changes and the how to be salt of the earth and the light of Christ in each of us that follow Him. 

If you are digging what we're doing here, the walk through Matthew and promoting Kingdom intimacy through Raw Conversation and/or you know someone who will benefit then please share this with a friend. 

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