51: Learning to Live Like Jesus

This week we have a special presentation for you guys. I'm joined by Pastors Scott and Mike for a conversation comparing the BWC's walk through Matthew with their walk through Matthew that they've been on with their church on and off for a few years. 

We're discussing what we've learned through studying the life of Jesus, what He taught,  what He did etc and why we call Matthew a hinge in which to read the rest of the New Testament. 

We discuss the power of understanding what it means to live like Jesus and live in a posture where Jesus is truly Lord of our lives and how this section of scripture has impacted our shared theology of the Kingdom of God. 

This episode was shot live. You can find the video over on the YouTube channel to watch the recording of this conversation. 

If you have any questions about the subjects covered in today's episode you can find us on Facebook at the links below or you can shoot me an email at joe@buddywalkwithjesus.com

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