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8: The Sovereignty of God

In this jam-packed episode, I'm joined once again by Andrew from the Ministry Misfits to help me wrap up the book! That's right, the end of the text has come and boy howdy do we have a lot to cover. 

Throughout the whole book we've been working our way to this moment in history where the Jewish people would have to defend themselves against their enemies and we are here now. We are going to cover what can be a potentially uncomfortable section of scripture when we look at the realities of what needed to happen. We are going to be covering why it's vitally important NOT to over read ourselves, present day or anything else into the text outside of the time and context of this moment in history. 

From there we're discussing somewhat of a recap of the big picture of the book of Esther, how we got to this point and how we can clearly see God at work in this entire book. We'll also be covering the sovereignty of God but maybe not from the way that you've heard it before. 

We are also covering the importance of understanding the roots of the Christian faith and how Christianity will always be inherently tied to the Jewish faith and why it's important for us to understand that history when engaging with the scriptures. 

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