Engaging Scripture

Engaging Scripture is one of the fastest ways to encountering intimacy with the Triune God.
Jesus had a relationship with the Father every single day.

We can do the same. Listen to our podcasts to see how we interact with Scripture, and then make it your own.


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fall in love with God through Scripture

Engaging Scripture

Meeting God within the pages of the Bible.

A Worship Mindset

Rejoice to God not only in song but with your life.

Conversation Through Prayer

Pray, but also wait for God to speak.Listen for His voice.

Free-Will in Community with God​

Use God's gift of free-will to come into community with Him (the Triune God).

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4 Components to a Healthy Life with God

Engaging Scripture 100%
Conversation Through Prayer 100%
A Worship Mindset 100%
Free-Will in Community with God 100%

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